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  • I have been following the SIS for the past 4 months. I have to say when I first heard about the system, I was VERY skeptical. I consider myself a very conservative person with my investments, and also not a gambler. I was first hesitant to join, but since I have I am incredibly happy with the results. So far I have increased my bankroll 80%, and there is no looking back. The key thing is patience, because if you follow the system and are consistent with your bets the results are undeniable. As the saying goes the proof is in the pudding.- Jon S.
  • SIS runs an incredible system. I just joined two days ago and am already up 13%! - Drew S.
  • I have tracked the choices, sent to me by Sports Investing Systems, for several months now regarding sports picks. I am extremely impressed with the results. The system, not only makes sense, but the results are impressive to the point that I am a believer.- Ted R.
  • Game picks from SIS is like having the "Grays Sports Almanac" from the movie Back To The Future Part II. The picks are right so much of the time I wouldn't be surprised if they actually had a copy of it.- Red R.
  • I have been diligently tracking the SIS system for over 6 months now. I am thoroughly impressed with the consisted results and I have confidence in the integrity of the system on your investment. I am confident in the long term sustainability of SIS and very happy with the track record of the system.- Brian H.
  • When it comes to sports betting, it is quite difficult to find a system that works the majority of the time. I had never seen a system that truly works and is also consistent through numerous different sports. This system really works and is so easy to follow. I started off with 1000$ and over the past six months i have doubled that with ease. I recommend this betting system to anyone. Thanks.- Mike D.
  • Wow you guys are amazing. Over the years I have fell victim to a couple of those 1-800 number betting systems. I've found that they (1-800 numbers) really don't care if you lose, but with you guys I have a chance to get back any losses with a profit. My NBA totals so far are 61 and 4. Great system, keep up the good work.- Phil H.
  • Seen many sports services and Handicappers in my day. This is without a doubt the best informational service that I have ever seen. I have followed handicappers many years. Truly exceptional information.- Robert D.
  • I'm a huge conservative when it comes to gambling. I am usually the first to point out the statistical analysis pointing to one's inevitable failure if they play any game of chance long enough. This system made me see for the first time that one could turn gambling into "investing," and turn the odds to the player's favor. I still don't consider myself a gambler, because that's not what this system is; it's not a get rich quick shceme. I'm so thankful I found this system, and would recommend it to anyone, especially those who are averse to gambling.- Matt D.
  • "I don't know anything about sports but was looking to make extra income. I figured I would give Sports Investing Systems a try as they say you don't need to know anything about sports to make money. THEY WERE 100% right!!! I still can't tell you much about sports but I just follow the system to the letter and am already up 34%!- Brittney F.
  • SIS is truly unique and amazing. My buddy introduced it to me and I watched it for a few weeks. Saw the profits continue to rise and jumped in. Can't believe how well it works! 100% recommend to anyone who wants to make extra $$$- Zach B.
  • I have been working with this system for 3 months and have already doubled my bankroll! The system is easy to follow and it works! I would have no problem referring friends to the system.- Josh F.
  • SIS has been a ton of fun. I have always gambled on sports and loved watching sports. For the first time, I see a real opportunity to turn my passion into a career. I started the turn $1000 into a $1,000,000 and have am close to doubling my bankroll for the second time!!! Been doing it since September! Amazing!!!- Tyler N.
  • I am a stay at home mom who needed to make extra cash. My brother showed me SIS and I hesitantly gave it a try. I started with $700 in December and now have close to $1800! I have more than doubled my money. I still don't know a ton about sports but the system is easy to follow and easy to do. A great way to make extra money.- Tabitha R.
  • I am a very serious sports gambler and was turned onto SIS through a friend. I allocated a portion of my bank to give it a try. I ran my betting and compared the numbers. Since November I am up 23% and SIS is up 147%. This is incredible.- Albert O.
  • If you want to make money while enjoying sports, follow SIS. I started at the beginning of the year and am up over 160%. I started with $1000 on NFL. I used the same amount for NBA and NHL. I have done so well that my bankroll for MLB is now $2000. I'm almost done with year 1 on the 5 year SIS plan to be a millionaire! The way I see it, 5 years will pass whether I do this or not. Might as well be a millionaire at that time :)- Jeff F.
  • "SIS is an amazing investment tool. I was predominantly a stock market investor prior to finding out about SIS. SIS has showed me returns astronomically greater than any return I had experienced in the stock market. I couldn't be happier with my decision to sell all my stock and subscribe to SIS!!!!"- Matt D.

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