What’s This Site All About?

Jeff Fenster

My name is Jeff Fenster and I am the creator of Sports Investing Systems.  I went to Law School to become a Sports Agent but quickly learned that life is not as glamorous as it once sounded. After Law School I started and sold a few businesses and that led me to going all out towards my true love…Sports. My passion for Sports and Entrepreneurship has led me to my dream life of making my living from investing on sports.

I created SIS to live my dream and help as many people as possible successfully invest on sports. I have created a system for NFL, MLB, WNBA, NHL and CFL. There are many variables incorporated into my picks. Factors I have spent years analyzing and studying. My system is based on the fundamentals of investing, not gambling. If you have patience and discipline, SIS is a great system for you. If you are looking for a quick, big score, my system is probably not for you.  If you are interested in growing your bankroll incrementally over time and have the tolerance to withstand loses, than this is the perfect system for you. There will be bad times and good times, but in the end we always come out ahead!

If you are interested in learning more about the system and would like to receive the instructions, simply place your information in the form on this page. We will send you the system instructions and free picks for 30 days. So don’t miss out and act now!

Feel free to reach me at jeff@sportsinvestingsystems.com with any questions you have!

Stop Gambling on Sports, Start Investing on Sports, Start Making Money on Sports.